Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome and acceptance 

If you disagree with the Terms of Services, unfortunately, that means you won’t be able to use the Services anymore. If you use the Services in any way after a change to the Terms is effective, then please remember that means you agree to all of the Terms.

Read the Term of Service carefully, and we expect you to be a good citizen at all times.

Prohibited Use of Service 

  1. You agree that you will not engage in any form of activity that interferes with or disrupts any part of the Site and/or Services (or the servers and networks which are connected to the Site and/or Services).
  2. You agree that you will not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade or resell any part of the Site and/or Services for any purpose.
  3. You, and any person or entity you allow to access/use the Site and/or Services through your internet access/access to the Site and/or Services, are not allowed to:
  4. Copy, disclose, modify, reformat, display, distribute, license, transmit, sell, perform, publish, transfer, link to, reverse engineer or decompile (except to the extent expressly permitted by applicable law) or otherwise make available any part of the Site and/or Services except as set out in these terms and conditions;
  5. Include or create links (including deep-links) to or from the Site and/or Services;
  6. Replicate the Site and/or Services or create a separate border around any part of the Site and/or Services (also known as “framing”);
  7. Use the Site and/or Services for storing, reproducing, transmitting, communicating or receiving any Offending Material.

In breach of any law, regulation, guideline or instruction invoked by CLASSTUNE/ClassPay, industry regulator or any other competent authority or any policy adopted by CLASSTUNE/ClassPay with regard to the acceptable access/use of the Site and/or Services, or

Abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, offensive or menacing or that has the effect (as may be contemplated by a reasonable person) of causing the recipient to feel so harassed, abused or offended; or

Use of the Site and/or Services to harvest or collect information about users of the Site and/or Services or to post or otherwise distribute unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, junk or bulk email

You are responsible for any misuse of the Site and/or Services even if it is by another person or entity using your access to the Site and/or Services;

Will be taken action against.

We reserve the right to block, remove, edit or refuse to post any material, including resources, 3rd party content, etc. that you attempt to transmit through the Site and/or Services that we deem to be in contravention of these terms and conditions and to take such other action as we in our sole and absolute discretion consider necessary to prevent or remedy any breach of these terms and/or conditions. If you become aware of any content or material circulated using the Site and/or Services that are in breach of these terms and/or conditions, Contents or materials on the Site and/or Services then we encourage you to promptly inform us by contacting our support staff or designated support for your relevant school or institution.


The materials displayed or performed on the Services (including, but not limited to, text, graphics, articles, photos, images, illustrations, User Submissions (defined below), and so forth) (the “Content”) are property of CLASSTUNE/ClassPay. Hereby you understand the rules, information, and restrictions contained in any Content you access through the Services are the property of COMPANY, and you won’t use, copy, reproduce, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, transmit, distribute, perform, upload, display, license, sell or otherwise exploit for any purpose any Content not owned by you, (i) without the prior consent of the owner of that Content or (ii) in a way that violates someone else’s CLASSTUNE/ClassPay rights.

Anything you post, upload, share, store, or otherwise provide through the Services is your “User Submission.” Some User Submissions are viewable by other users. In order to display your User Submissions on the Services, and to allow other users to enjoy them (where applicable), you grant us certain rights in those User Submissions. Please note that all of the following licenses are subject to our Privacy Policy to the extent they relate to User Submissions that are also your personally-identifiable information.

For all User Submissions, you hereby grant CLASSTUNE/ClassPay a license to translate, modify (for technical purposes, for example making sure your content is viewable on your iPhone as well as your computer) and reproduce such User Submission, in each case to enable us to operate the Services.

If you store a User Submission in your own personal CLASSTUNE/ClassPay account, in a manner that is not viewable by any other user except you (a “Personal User Submission”), you grant CLASSTUNE/ClassPay the license above, as well as a license to display, perform, and distribute your Personal User Submission for the sole purpose of displaying that Personal User Submission to you and providing you with the Services necessary to do so.

Who is responsible for what I see and do on the Services?

Any information or Content publicly posted or privately transmitted through the Services is the sole responsibility of the person from whom such Content originated, and you access all such information and Content at your own risk, and we aren’t liable for any errors or omissions in that information or Content or for any damages or loss you might suffer in connection with it. We cannot control and have no duty to take any action regarding how you may interpret and use the Content or what actions you may take as a result of having been exposed to the Content, and you hereby release us from all liability for you having acquired or not acquired Content through the Services.

We also can’t guarantee the identity of any users with whom you interact in using the Services and are not responsible for which users gain access to the Services. But that doesn’t mean we don’t take security seriously; stakeholders are only permitted to access the Services within their Limited Access Groups, we require teachers, schools, and the administrative staff of the schools to guard their Access Codes with the appropriate confidentiality, we enable teachers with moderation tools for monitoring Content within our LMS, as well as an option for school authority and administrative staff to approve contents such as (study materials and 3rd party links of websites or resources), before making them available for student and parent accounts.

Intellectual Property Rights 

In breach of confidence, intellectual property rights, privacy or any right of a third party.

Hack into, make excessive traffic demands, probe or port scan other computers, deliver viruses through attachments to various modules of the LMS or otherwise engage in any other behavior intended to inhibit other users from accessing/using any part of the Site and/or Services or any other website or services;

Collect and process others’ personal data except in accordance with applicable data protection law and these terms and conditions;

Advertise or offer to sell goods or services on the pretext that the same are endorsed, offered for sale or originate from CLASSTUNE/ClassPay;

Infringe any other person’s or entity’s intellectual property rights