Financial Activities

ClassTune apprehends that the analysis and interpretation of relevant reports is an essential financial and management function for monitoring budget and making sound planning decisions. 

School administrators and management entail accurate and timely financial reports to manage current programs and to plan for the future requirements of the school. Collection and summary of financial data and the preparation and presentation of financial and management reports constitute the financial information system that is a key component of good school management.

We believe that a complete financial management system has the capacity to process and report various data for many different purposes.

Complete Integration

Our system is built and integrated in a way that the accuracy and currency of the data that is entered into the system as transactions is crucial, and the extraction of the data as reports will only be as accurate as the data entered. This forms the basis of a school’s record of financial accountability, as well as, providing information to inform management decisions.

The regularity of monitoring reports depends on the report and its function; however, system can be tailored as per the institution need however the basic or the standard functionality allows reconciliation of reports on a monthly basis.

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